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wewriwa_square_2Welcome to my sixth Sunday Snippet ~ Weekend Writing Warriors Post! I decided to stick chronologically to the story, so today you will meet Mathew. He’s already been introduced in Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms. But this is the first time you guys get to meet him, so a little background first.

Mathew and Sarette’s moms’ met the day they had them in the hospital. They formed a bond over being alone in the world and ended up raising their kids together, next door to each other. Mathew and Sarette’s relationship is more than just best friends, they’re more like siblings. Mathew is also that guy, the one that ended the previous school year gangly and came back looking like an underwear model, yeah, that one. He’s been enjoying the attention…

Sarette has just woke up late for the first time in her life and Mathew’s been blowing up her phone all morning getting increasingly worried with each text. I’m starting on the last message from Mathew two minutes earlier.


9:58 a.m.: I’m coming over and breaking in!

I hit the call button and wrestled with putting on a sweatshirt single-handedly as I walked toward the balcony and opened the door.

A phone started ringing outside which meant Mathew was already on the lawn.

“Geez, Mathew, stalk much,” I shouted as I walked to the edge.

“Can’t a girl sleep in without you getting all crazy?”

“I have known you my entire life and you have never slept past 8 a.m.—ever.”

He shut his phone over-dramatically and said, “Excuse me for worrying.”

But looked relieved when he paused then asked, “You need coffee?

Steph bought me some gourmet stuff I can bring over.”

I nodded and waited until he was half-way back to his house before I shouted, “I knew you were on the S’s!”


I hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet! It’s not as dramatic as I’ve been picking, but Mathew is essential to the story of Daearen. He’s so important that book two, Bienn-Theine is written from his POV. Did you have “that guy” in your high school? Mine was named Al and yes, he often sang the song. (You’re welcome for the earworm!)

Next week, you’ll get eight to ten more sentences with Mathew, which should be interesting since he’s a long-winded rambler just like Sarette. But, if you can’t wait until next week…

meanmnasmallMeanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms

Seventeen-year-old Sarette has always thought of her life as average, even a bit boring. She does well in school, has a loving mother and a loyal best friend, Mathew. Of course, she has her problems as well—cold Michigan winters, a long-lost father she knows nothing about, and the lack of a boyfriend. She also has the vague sensation that she is being watched by some unseen entity, but figures that means she’s average and crazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth . . .


Daearen isn’t much different than the human world. Imagine a world where science is replaced with magic. Available at Amazon and Smashwords!


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