Take the Leap with Jeany Jones and The Cave of Nope

You want to know the best part of being a djinn? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I’ve spent my life granting wishes for flesh bags who don’t deserve it, and I don’t even get to use my powers in my off-hours. Djinn life blows!”

Jeany Jones is over living her life tied to a lamp. When she’s not drunk or starting bar fights, she’s is hustling the streets trying to earn enough money to pay next month’s rent. Djinn life is not what the freaking brochure’s promised.

When a mysterious vampire shows up offering to share the location of an object of power that will free Jeany from her djinn chains, she’s all in. All he wants is one little wish. It sounds like a piece of cake.

Jeany takes off with her best friend Cece the Leprechaun, Taffy a slightly deranged Selkie and the vampire who seems too good to be true. What could possibly go wrong?


Meet Emmy Gatrell

Hi! I’m Emmy, a 42-year-old Stay-At-Home-School-Mom to two teenage boys, nine dogs, and a husband. I write and publish fiction in multiple genres including epic fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian, speculative fiction, and supernatural horror ranging from young adult through four-flame +18. As you can tell I love all things that go bump in the night ;) I also love food. I’ve published the first five cookbooks of my No Frills Cookbook Series. My first coffee table cookbook TACO FREAKS (52 Recipes and Thoughts about the Best Day of the Week) publishes soon!