Time to Take Your Vitamins!

Good Morning Fitmoms & Dads!

Baby Step #7 is upon us, and it’s time to add another habit to our daily lives!

It’s Time To…

It’s likely you already take something considering 68% of adults in the US do, or that you’ve been thinking about it since 78% of adults in the US think supplements are a healthy lifestyle choice. (1)

Here’s the deal…

In a utopian society where our children have never had a temper tantrum in public, and unicorns bounce by farting rainbows, we would get everything our bodies need from food alone. But even the cleanest eater or dedicated bodybuilder can have a hard time meeting requirements. Vitamins can get expensive so here’s my short-list of ‘should have’ vitamins and when to take them.

Once Daily Multi-Vitamin: Our needs change over time and finding a decent quality once daily multi-vitamin for your age group will take a lot of the guess work out of it. Your one-a-day which will more than likely meet your 18mg of recommended iron. Unless you’re pregnant or planning on trying, then you should be getting 27mg.

Vitamin C-1000: Helps keep you healthy and fight the germs your kids bring home from school or you’re coworker decides to share.


Vitamin C-1000: For the same reasons as stated above.

Calcium with Vitamin D: Osteoporosis and bone loss is something that all women should be concerned about. You probably didn’t get the amount of calcium in your once daily; most of them are about half your daily needs. You probably did get the recommended D, but it helps with the absorption of calcium, so that’s why you want a combo.

B-Complex: B’s converts our food to fuel so they help with energy, sleep (B-6), hormones (B-5), B-2 is an anti-oxidant, B-3 can boost your HDL (good cholesterol), B-1 helps produce new healthy cells, B-7 improves your skin, nails, and hair and there’s a ton more benefits. Granted most people do get the ‘recommended’ amount of B’s within their diet, as a woman I think we need more. The good news is, you have to take an insane amount for it to be too much, and a B-complex with lunch is not too much. (2)

If taking pills is not your thing, a greens powder might be perfect for you. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and so much more. Check out the Best Green Superfood Powder Drinks – Reviews and Top Picks from Barbend.com to see if greens are right for you and what’s the best choice for you! After reading it, I’m looking into trying them myself.

If you’d like a more complete list of all recommended vitamins from infancy to past senior check out Nutrition and Supplements at Any Age on Web MD.

That’s enough for now! At a later date, I’ll teach you about supplementing healthy fats, fiber, digestive enzymes, etc. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Next week we’re going to let all your tasks sink in further to become life-long habits and have a fitmom food day with slow cooker awesomeness!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



(1) “The Dietary Supplement Consumer: 2015 CRN Consumer Survey.”  http://www.crnusa.org/CRNconsumersurvey/2015/

(2) McDermott, Nicole. “The Benefits of Vitamin B Complex.” Daily Burn, http://dailyburn.com/life/health/benefits-vitamin-b-complex/


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