Transformation Competition Tuesday ~ Week 5

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Four weeks down for the 12-week transformation competition on my coach, Jaco De Bruyn’s website!  Voting starts soon for this leg. As soon as I get the link I’ll share it everywhere. Stay tuned! On to the magic!

My biceps grew!!! It’s my area where I have the hardest time increasing strength and size. Strength didn’t go up, BUT my biceps grew by .5cm!!! Doesn’t sound like much but that’s huge for me in a week on those. They usually stay the same or go up by such a tiny bit, 0-.01ish a week so .5cm… Happy dance time!

These are the pictures I uploaded and will be voted on.


Four Weeks of Progress…


side2-1&2-28 back2-1&2-28

This one didn’t make the cut.


From my #fitbrother, Alex


This week was one of the most challenging I’ve had. Not with meal planning but with everyday life. The hardest part is waking up at 2 am every day to do cardio before work; then after my long work day, I hit the gym again for my workout and another cardio session (yes, twice a day cardio). Doing all that and finding ways to balance spending time with family and friends has been difficult but well worth the effort.

(I’m insanely jealous of Alex… he’s headed to the Arnold Classic this weekend! Told him to take lots of pictures so I could live vicariously through them. LOL)

These are a couple of the picture he uploaded! Seriously, kicking ass!!!

Four Weeks of Progress…





Next week, I’ll let you know how week five went for Alex and me!

Have a great Tuesday and week everyone!



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