Transformation Tuesday ~ Round Two Lean Bulk Results

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll!

I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks. I was sick the first week and last week I was in Atlanta, and my folks drove down to see the kids and me. But I’m back! And the results of my four-week bulk are in!


Not bad for four weeks, I even lost a week in there when I was sick. I’m mostly excited about the weight and BF% ratio. Gained four pounds but less than half of one-percent of body fat? (Let’s all say it together…gains!) Some of that is probably water. But that’s okay! Like at the beginning of the first bulk I would be happy with gaining a pound. It’s been so hard adding muscle, but I see a big difference, this time, around with my muscle mass. Just uh, look at my butt… Do you realize how crazy it is that I have to buy a bigger bikini bottom, and I’m happy about it!!!



Left 4-17 & Right 5/15
Day 1, Week 4, Week 8


The second round of bulking results on the left and eight weeks into M&FHers Build a Better Butt Workout I’ve been doing once a week on the right.

I can’t get over the results from my build a better butt workout 🙂







I can see a difference in my back and super happy I didn’t completely lose my abs this time around!












I started my cut yesterday. Can’t wait to see where I am in two weeks!

That’s it for now. I hope all ya’ll have a wonderful Tuesday and week!

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