Transformation Tuesday… Uh, I mean, Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I meant to post this yesterday for Transformation Tuesday, but it’s been about six weeks since I’ve posted, so what’s one more day right?

The last time I checked in I had just finished a two-week cut with pretty good results. Well, all three of my lean bulk cycles went well, but the fact that I never cut all the way back down to see how much muscle I gained does make this next personal challenge a bit harder because I’m not sure what my goal weight should be. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been bulking for the last six weeks. Mostly clean, mostly lean, but I had a couple of trips where I let myself enjoy the food, so I did experience dirty bulking. Fun for a vacation but not something I could see myself doing long term. I kept up with my workouts, achieved new personal bests for just about everything. I’m getting closer and closer to my goals. 75lb barbell curl (15lbs to go), 100lb chest press (on a good week 25lbs to go), 200lb squat (on a good week 20lbs to go), and 250lb calf raise (Um… I ran out


of plates @ 210lb getting more soon). But all those goals are going to have to wait because…

I am five weeks away from my 20th class reunion and having some new author head shots taken. Which is exciting but my personal challenge happens one week later with a fitness shoot! I spent weeks researching and trying to find a predesigned cutting program that would work for me to no avail. So… I created my own which I started on Monday with leg day. That was a crazy workout! I loved it! Chest and Triceps Tuesday left a little to be desired, so I’m reworking it a bit for next week. That being said while yesterday’s workout didn’t ‘feel’ like I worked very hard… my chest is on fire today! So maybe I did better than I thought.

I also researched nutrition. Made the mistake a week ago of increasing my carbs and gained three pounds. A lot of that is water but still it’s weight to lose. I want to lose between seven and nine pounds in the next six weeks. I’m not sure because I’m not positive on how much muscle I gained during my bulking cycles. I also need to take into account the weight I gained because of a new medication. I significantly lowered my calories, dropped my protein to 1g per pound, fat .5g a pound, and carbs I went back to 50 net carbs for now. I’m including the pics I took on Monday. It was awesome, my husband is here so he could snap the pics, unfortunately, I forgot I’ll need to take them myself most of the time, and want them to be taken in the same spot at the same angle, so I’m going to redo them today.

Starting this week, I’ll share one of my workouts with you every Wednesday. We won’t know if it works for six weeks but you never know, it could turn out awesome!


Monday’s Legs, Calves, & Abs

  1. Inner thigh work out / warm-up ~ all moves 10 reps
    1. Lay on back, legs into a V and back feet pointed, flexed, and toes in out-heels in back.
    2. Roll to one side- top leg med. Pulses toes pointed and foot flexed; small circles forward and back, large leg raise
    3. Top leg over bottom, bottom leg same as above
    4. Roll over; repeat
    5. Repeat V’s
    6. Start on opposite side; repeat both sides
    7. Repeat V’s


  1. Barbell Squat & Good Mornings Super Set
    1. Set 1, 15 reps each rest :60-:90sec
    2. Set 2 increase weight a little, 12 reps each, rest :60-90sec
    3. Set 3 increase weight a little, 10 reps each, rest :60-90sec
    4. Set 4 increase weight a little, 8 reps each, rest :60-90sec


  1. Kettlebell Curtsy LungeSumo Squat – Kettlebell Curtsy Lunge Combo
    1. 3 sets 10 lunges per leg start and finish with sumo squat


  1. Leg Extension & Leg Curl Super Set (I use bands)
    1. 3 sets, 15 reps each, rest :60-90sec


  1. One-leg Barbell Squat & One Leg Deadlift
    1. 3 sets, 10 reps each leg, rest :60-:90sec


  1. Standing Calf Raises
    1. 1 warm-up set, 4 working sets, 30 reps total – 10 reps each feet parallel, toes in, & heels together, rest :30-:60sec


  1. Crunches, Landmine 180’s, & Bench Leg Raises Triple Set
    1. 1 warm-up set, 3 sets, 20 reps each, rest :60-:90sec


  1. Stretch






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