Why you should never diet.



Good morning and happy Friday everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about the word ‘diet’. I hate it. It’s probably one of the only four-letter words that I hate… LOL, smh but true. I used to diet; I dieted most of my life in fact. I put myself on my first diet when I was eight years old and from there it was constant and always, and in the end, failing quest. Dieting doesn’t work for one reason; it’s finite.

The end may come from with a particular goal; I want to lose 10, 20, 100 pounds whatever. When there’s lack of progress and loss of motivation, that comes with that or after you mess up. Whether it’s one cookie, one pint of ice cream, a quick trip through a drive-thru and you totally meant to order the salad but a supersized burger and fries later has you feeling defeated, and you stop. Eventually you’ll get back to where you started.

If you want to become healthy and stay healthy, you need to make a lifestyle change. Unless your health is at risk, and your doctor has given you a special diet, do that of course. But otherwise, understand it’s perfectly acceptable to make baby steps if you’re trying to change your life. That’s a pretty big deal. I didn’t lose a hundred pounds and keep it off by going on some crazy diet or any diet. I gave myself a couple of rules and made a serious of small changes that stuck.

Here’s one of the first baby steps I made.

If you’re a cereal eater, use the same bowl you’ve always used, eat it with fruit, and put the fruit in first. That’s it.
A. You probably need to eat more fruit.
B. Using the same bowl is oddly comforting.
C. By putting the fruit in first, you’ll have less room for cereal.

More healthy carbs, less bad ones. More healthy whole foods in your diet and you’re starting to cut down on processed foods.

Also, if you don’t exercise, start. Even if you walk in place for one minute, it’ll be one more minute than yesterday. And that’s cool. And I bet you; you could do a minute and a half tomorrow and two the next.

Next week I’ll have a new #fitmom food recipes and another baby step for you. Have a great weekend everybody!

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