Be Basic: Spice Cabinet Staples (No Frills Cookbook Collection 1)

Flavor can be complex but not complicated.

From USA Today Best-Selling Author and Foodie, Emmy Gatrell comes a cookbook series for the people who skip the stories and long-winded explanations to get to the good stuff—the recipes!

Be Basic—Spice Cabinet Staples, Volume One of the No Frills Cookbook Collection will help you stock spice blends you’ll often use to add a ton of flavor with very little work! Sixty-five recipes await you whether you prefer making your own—or if you’re like the author—moved to a country where you can’t find too many spice blends, there’s something for everyone!

From experts to folks that can barely boil water and everyone in-between, these recipes are for you.

One-Click and start your flavor journey today!