Rub it Down: BBQ & Dry Rub Recipes (No Frills Cookbook Collection 3)

Who doesn’t love barbeque?

From USA Today Best-Selling Author and Foodie, Emmy Gatrell comes a cookbook series for the people who skip the stories and long-winded explanations to get to the good stuff—the recipes!

Achieve the most flavorful proteins ever with Rub it Down—BBQ & Dry Rub Recipes, Volume Three of the No Frills Cookbook Collection. Seventy-seven recipes from the USA and around the world will take your food to the next level the next time you grill! Or bake, or sauté, or pan fry, or…

From experts to folks that can barely boil water and everyone in-between, these recipes are for you.

One-Click and start your flavor journey today!