Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people!

Can you believe it!!! You, yes you are a month into learning how to be a fitmom!
How did your month goal go?
Are you drinking more water?
Did you make time for exercise?
Have you been walking five minutes a day? YES!!! Awesome! Increase it to seven minutes a day this week!

It’s time to cut something out of your life. I promise there are not too many cut-it-outs within the program. In fact, there are only six things you have to stop doing, and the first one is…

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I know, I know, for most moms that sounds like an impossible task. AND sometimes I will agree that it is one. Like on those days when you’ve been running around like crazy all day with a to-do list that somehow multiplies. Your kids are being horrible, the dry cleaner lost your stuff, the supermarket didn’t have the one brand of hot dogs he eats, and how the hell a two-year-old could tell the difference will forever be a mystery that haunts me, shit… Back on track LOL! Yeah, days like that if you don’t have the time or the desire to pack up the kids, find a freaking two-seater car cart, deal with a possible in-store temper tantrum to pick up a rotisserie chicken, by all means, mama, hit that drive-through. Here’s a list of 20 of the best possible fast food choices at this stage in the program. The Healthiest Dish to Order at 20 Fast Food Chains, but try really hard not to eat any fast food!

Now that I’ve gone over the one exception to the no fast food rule let’s talk about why you need to give it up the other 99% of the time. First and foremost, right now you are learning new habits that are going to make a significant impact on your heath. It takes three or four weeks for something to become a habit. So unless it’s the day from hell, drive on past the glowing red and yellow signs.

Here’s the

Even quote unquote ‘healthy’ options at fast food chains are loaded with who know what to keep it fresh, tons of sodium (hello swollen ankles), and bad fats. Deep fried anything right now, no, just no. Not only are you training your mind, your training your body too, inside and out. The less bad crap you put in your body, the less tolerant it will be to it. It’s a great fail-safe. At this point, if I eat any more than a small handful of fries or a couple of loaded nacho chips, I have an awful night and morning. But I damn sure have those fries, a nacho or two. I’m the one-bite queen around here.

Here’s your task for this week: Make the commitment not to eat any fast food for one month. Remember, only the day from hell is okay and be honest with yourself; you can only cheat you.

That’s it!!! Don’t stress too much because next week I’m going to teach you how to make yourself a rule when dining out (no heat lamps) with family and friends, so you never feel deprived!


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