I’ve been #badfitmom

Good Morning and Happy Friday Fitmamas!

Holy Moly!!! We’re already at week 8!!! Can you believe it? I’m going to be doing a recap of what we’ve gone over so far. I had the baby step ready, ‘Hot Water & Lemon’, but I’ve been a #badfitmom lately, and the experience has been eye-opening.

But first, this is what we’ve done so far!!!
Baby Step #1 – Realistic Goals! So… How’s it going?
Baby Step #2 – Drinking more water! Do you pee more times a day than when you were pregnant? (LOL)
Baby Step #3 – Making time for exercise! Have you begun to notice a difference in your overall wellbeing by making time for exercise or by extension making time for yourself?
Baby Step #4 – Exercise! How’s the walking going? You should be up to 7 minutes a day now! Next week let’s make it 10 minutes a day!!! Whoop!
Baby Step #5 – No Fast Food! Have you given up fast food unless necessary?
Baby Step #6 – Did you pick a Fun Food Rule? Have you’ve found your one thing while out and about yet?
Baby Step #7 – Time to Take your Vitamins! Did you check to see if you’re getting enough?

So why am I recapping what we’ve done so far… Because over almost the last two weeks I’ve done ALMOST NONE OF IT!!! And guess what? I FEEL LIKE CRAP! I haven’t felt like this in so long; I had forgotten what it was like.

On a Sunday, right before I was going to workout, I received a phone call, and I needed to get the kids and me to Michigan ASAP. I kicked it into high gear because it takes a lot of freaking work to travel internationally with two kids by yourself with notice and time let alone 18 hours. I spent the day packing, doing laundry, finding a house and dog sitter, basically getting everything ready to leave early the next morning.

I did not work out that day and hadn’t made the time for myself to since. Sunday is one of my food prep days so I had nothing ready to eat and just grabbed what I could. I ate complete crap on the plane, on the second plane ride, and once I got into Michigan, I’ve mostly eaten fast food or at restaurants that most did not have heart-smart menus or didn’t bother to look for them.

Thankfully, I didn’t gain too much weight, but I feel weak and have a feeling I lost serious strength that I’ve worked so freaking hard for. I’ve grown more lethargic, lazy, unfocused, energy is down, stress is up, anxiety on high, my kidneys and liver feel clogged, digestive system hates me, I’ve had painful gas and bloating nightly, and it’s been so long I forgot how painful it is. So yea, I FEEL LIKE CRAP.

BUT!!! I’m going to look at this as a learning experience. I just had a very harsh reminder of what happens when I don’t take care of myself, when I don’t make time for myself, or when I don’t make good choices or the best choice available (yep, ate fries like a motherfucker).

I’m also a little excited because as soon as I post this, I’m going to design my 30ish day cut program and try it out because I have my only kidless vacation a year (I’m with them 24/7 ya’ll being away from them sometimes is freaking necessary) in 30ish days. If it works, awesome! Got a great program to make available. If it doesn’t or from the daily pictures it needs tweaking, well, I love that so cool, I’ll still eventually have a program to make available.

That’s it for this week. I screwed up, so you don’t have to. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!

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